Web-based business applications are the software applications running on the web server. Companies that possess a wide global reach should have access to their information from anywhere, and at any time. Atinfo converts client/server applications to web-based applications with safe and secure access. We provide web-enabled solutions using Java and Microsoft .NET technology.

Atinfo understands your need to boost business processes and augment efficacy to stay competitive in the global market. Atinfo’s web-based business applications consulting will facilitate your business in a multitude of departments including marketing, sales, and human resources. Atinfo ensures that the web-based business applications will become a systematic tool for your business. Atinfo can lead you to the acme of your business success with the services and guidance of our professional experts.


Atinfo offers complete, custom-based e-commerce software packages using Oracle, SQL server, Java, ASP, and .NET technology. Our e-business initiatives can help your organization deploy e-business applications quickly and effectively. We specialize in building proven scalable e-commerce website solutions that deliver results for our clients. Our e-commerce solutions are very user-friendly and do not compromise on functionality.